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Why SEO Digital Push Marketing Works for Your Company.

Unless your still living in the 1990’s, you may have noticed that the Yellow Pages are effectively dead. Paper directories are largely ignored of the few that still remain.

Google can basically answer questions and reference anything that is required by humans.

Mobile devices are effectively hardwired into our brains no so much that we cannot put them down. We will even walk across a busy city intersection with our heads down and solely focused on our screens, oblivious to the cars rushing around us.

The human race can never go back. All of our reference is now Google, Bing or Siri. So when we are looking for a restaurant, movie theater, equipment rental, or a dentist we immediately search for it on a search engine. Why pick up a heavy book and leaf through it only to find little or no information. Through Google we can get the location, the business hours, Phone #, product/ service information and even a direct link to the website. No more searching for a book that is 4″ thick to leaf through. The other massive advantage is that one can search globally now. We are not limited to our local town or city.

So where does this lead us in terms of exposure if we own a business? Well….a business’s exposure is not guaranteed if a website is developed and published. Being published does not mean that when individuals search for a business website, it may never be seen on the search engine result pages. People are under the misunderstanding that they will get a website developed at great expense then people will flock to it and through their front door and spend lots of money. Ummmmm NO!

If a business truly wants to gain exposure on the search engine results page certain aspects of the website need enhancement to make it appear attractive to the search engines. Search engines send out spider bots to look for specific items in a website in order to rank it on the search engine results pages. The largest traffic on the SERP’s gravitate to the first 4 positions on page 1. If the business is on page 2, 3 or 4 they are virtually invisible.


This is where SEO experts come into play. Through Digital Push Marketing, Surrey SEO Experts are capable of enhancing the websites metrics to satisfy the search engines algorithms. Without these enhancements, it is virtually hopeless to rank on page 1 and maintain any significant position. If you desire to grab your fair market share in your city or even nationally Digital Push SEO Marketing is a must. If you are not interested in gaining market share you might as well throw your website into a digital garbage bin, it’s effectively useless. Connect to the link for Surrey SEO Experts to find out how you can get started.

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