About GDLTalk

The GDLTalk (a list server conference) exists to help those who want to post questions and answers about GDL to other concerned GDL users.

GDLTalk is committed to the culture of GDL not just as a tool for business, but as an intellectually challenging pursuit – the magic and delight of producing 3D form from a logically written algorithm.

GDLTalk is tolerant of the widest range of skills. Nobody will criticize newcomers for asking the easy questions, nobody minds an expert explaining something very technical. It is all part of the wide spectrum of GDL education.

GDLTalk encourages cross-fertilization and lateral development of skills. You may have become deeply pre-occupied with 3D, but a question from a user about 2D, or file input/output will stimulate you to try new techniques.

GDLTalk is used and nourished by some of the leading members of the GDL community such as Laurent Godel (gdl-guru), David Nicholson-Cole (author of GDL Cookbook), Oleg Shmidt (whose GDL work is the most accomplished form making visible), Duane Valencia (leading light of ArchiCAD-Talk and the GDL world), Kimon Onuma (energetic organizer of the GDL Alliance) and Willem Langelaan (author of Master Library).

GDLTalk has been adopted as the List-server for the world GDL Alliance, a network of GDL developers and devotees around the world. It is the forum of all members and non members – with one common interest – GDL.

GDLTalk is operated free of charge to its users by The GDL Alliance.

To subscribe to the GDLtalk forum simply send an email to: GDLTalk-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
with the word “subscribe” in the subject field.

You will then receive a notification email with instructions as to how you can change your subscription from single emails to a daily digest version.