GDL users have been asking for a low cost, simple GDL scripting tool for a long time – and here it is. Version 1.0 of the GDLs has an advanced interface that allows you to edit existing GDL objects, or develop new ones. You only need this tool and a little knowledge of GDL to start creating your own 3D object libraries. Some of the things we think you’ll like in this application:

  • Line Numbers. Starting at line one within each script section, it’s easier to see where you are, and easier to use the ‘goto line number’ command. Turn them on or off as you wish.
  • Syntax Highlighting. Type your code and watch the colors change. Real-time syntax highlighting shows you immediately if you mistyped any keywords, saving time and making your programming experience more efficient and enjoyable.
  • Highlighting Options. Choose the colors. See the result. You decide how to your code should be highlighted. Want comments to appear as green italics? You can do it. This makes it so much easier to scan your code.
  • Multiple Object Windows and Views. Work on multiple objects at the same time, and launch as many 2D and 3D views as you want – or as many as your computer memory will let you.
  • And it is 100% Java. Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux. GDL for everyone!