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Expression Tools Shade Professional R4/E (ETShade Pro R4/E) is the English language version of a high-end 3D graphics application.

"With a fifteen year history behind it, Shade offers an outstanding and intuitive user interface, leveraging Bezier curve modeling and high speed/high quality rendering. In Japan, Shade has been the leading tool for professional graphics and 3D designers, industrial design and architecture. Shade is the preferred tool in the Japanese automobile industry. Its installed base numbers over 200,000 seats." (from the news release of ExpressionTools Inc.)

"The ETShade-GDL Converter Plug-in became available as a free download for registered users of ETShade Pro R4/E from the ETShade User Support Center on June 26, 2001. Those who do not yet own the ETShade program can test its performance (and compatibility with ArchiCAD) by downloading the new ETShade Pro R4/E Demo, which incorporates the ETShade-GDL Converter. Using the ETShade demo version, they can go through the creation of 3D shapes and figures, and by exporting them to ArchiCAD, they can utilize their 3D models in architectural designs. The Demo includes tutorials and some sample 3D shapes." (from a news release of ExpressionTools Inc.)

Take a look at User Comments, Product Reviews, and News Releases:

>  Comments from the GDL- and ArchiCAD- User Community
>  Product Review in "In Depth Arts"
>  News Releases:

  • ETShade Special Offer
    ETShade Special Offer for ArchiCAD Users!
    - Effective until September 30, 2001 -

    Did you know Shade now exports GDL?

    With the ETShade-GDL Converter Plug-in, you can export models created in ETShade as GDL objects for use in your architectural scenes.

    Celebrating the release of the free ETShade-GDL Converter Plug-in, ExpressionTools is extending a special offer of ETShade Pro R4/E for $980 to ArchiCAD users. What's more, you will also be eligible for the Free Upgrade to R5/E (shipping & handling costs required)! This is a limited-time offer, good only until the end of September. Do not miss this chance!

    ETShade's robust and flexible modeling, with Bezier Curves and Surfaces, enables you to intuitively create organic objects such as people, cars and plants, which will spice up your digital architecture projects.

    Check out the guidelines below, and buy ETShade at the special campaign price now!

    Shade for ArchiCAD users Campaign Guidelines:

ExpressionTools, Inc.

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