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Mission Statement:

To promote the culture of GDL as a world-wide standard for creating parametric 3D objects for use in 3D models and virtual buildings and enhance the end user experience by providing an environment to attain a more clear understanding of GDL capabilities and implementation.


  • To promote GDL world-wide
  • To promote the concept of the virtual building as the next step in AEC automation
  • To promote Manufacturer's interest in GDL
  • To promote the world wide distribution of objects
  • To promote and hold an annual GDL Conference
  • Act in advisory capacity to Graphisoft on GDL and related technologies
  • To promote GDL to the Graphisoft user base.
  • To promote GDL to "non Graphisoft" users ( see free GDL editor below )
  • To be a collection spot for GDL and parametric object information dissemination


  • To provide an online venue for the members / public to ask questions and share information related to GDL
  • To define and promote professional Standards for Interoperability in creating GDL objects
  • Sharing ways to use GDL
  • Sharing snippets of GDL code to promote the education of the public
  • To provide a collective "wish list" to Graphisoft for further GDL development
  • To represent the Alliance at events such as ArchiCAD University and ArchiCAMP, Graphisoft World-wide Distributor?s Conference
  • Promotion of tools and techniques related to GDL and the Virtual Building approach
  • To keep be actively involved with Graphisoft to understand the strategic directions that have an effect on GDL
  • To increase the value of GDL objects by promoting standards, interopability, scalability and longevity as the Graphisoft and GDL evolve over time


In order to maintain a neutral standing and allow the participation of the worldwide GDL community, the GDL Alliance will not be affiliated with any individual or group. It will promote all members of the Alliance on equal terms, through tools such as links from the website.

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