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National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
Feb. 9-12, 2001
Atlanta, Georgia, USA 2001/01welcome.shtml

GDL Alliance was at the Graphisoft booth #448

Thanks to Graphisoft US for donating one space in the Graphisoft booth to GDLA.


A report from the National Association of Home Builders show in Atlanta. The GDLA is into our third day of the show and have been promoting the concept of GDL to manufacturers and other companies.

Although GDL is an incredible technology, nobody outside of the Graphisoft circle of dealers and users knows about it. It might as well be the name of a virus. GDL does not have brand recognition. Technology people that listen to us and want to understand it start understanding the potential after much explanation but there are still barriers.

There has been some discussion in the GDL Alliance about the GDL Adapter which allows GDL objects to be viewed in Archicad. Should it be free or should Graphisoft charge for it. After some careful thought my conclusion is that it should be FREE. It is the only way of getting our foot in the door to the Autocad community and demonstrates the power of GDL. The discussion against giving it for free is that it would not support further development of the Adapter. I do not think so and this goes completely against the grain of what has been going on with plug ins such as PDF etc. The proliferation of GDL objects into the CAD world in a BIG way is the only way that GDL will become the standard. In turn this would create a higher demand for Archicad, increasing, sales, which should then be used to develop it further.

GDL is the technology that will push Graphisoft forward, increase sales and thus ensure the survival of a software that we have all become very heavily invested in. There are other companies such as Revit and Autocad that are aggressively marketing and going after the same market.

The other choice is to charge for the GDL Adapter and hope that tens of thousands of Autocad users will pay the $140 for it…… not going to happen. The idea  is to penetrate the market, not try and sell it to an unwilling audience. Time is of the essence, we cannot wait months and months for this great product to get out there and do its thing.

Kimon Onuma

GDL Alliance President Pro Temp

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