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* Note on Membership Dues

  • The GDL Alliance beliveves strongly that the world will be "GDLized" and therefore want everyone to join in on this effort to spread the word.
  • At this stage of the forming of The GDL Alliance, the membership dues are on a voluntary basis.
  • To cover our material costs we are dependent on membership dues and our sponsors.

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Send Checks to:
The GDL Alliance
511 Mission Street
South Pasadena, CA 91030    USA

Privacy Statement: The GDL Alliance will not sell or share the information you enter here to any group or organziation. The information entered here will only be used by The GDL Alliance.

Levels of membership

Yearly Dues


Full Time Students



Individual GDL User

$0 ~ $50

Professional 1

Organizations with 2-4 people

$0 ~ $200

Professional 2

Organizations with 5-10 people

$0 ~ $799


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GDL Champions

Power users and developers of GDL. Skill level of GDL is high. Involved in the actual creation of GDL Objects.

GDL Visionaries

Leaders in the promotion of uses of GDL. Skill level of GDL could be zero to high.

Casual Users

Want to learn more about GDL. Skill level zero to medium.

Levels of Sponsors

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Yearly Dues

Level 1

Corporate Sponsors


Level 2

Corporate Sponsors


Level 3

Corporate Sponsors


Level 4

Corporate Sponsors


Level 5

Corporate Sponsors


Level 6

Corporate Sponsors

over $8001

Benefits to Members and Sponsors

  • Networking with and learning from GDL experts
  • Professional development through global assistance, distance learning and technical sharing
  • Members play a key roll in the creation of a new class of digital professionals (carve your niche)
  • Web site for Alliance communication and news at
  • FTP Site
  • Web-based newsletter
  • Attendance at annual conference
  • An alliance member can have the skills and command of resources to get a job almost anywhere in the world
  • Objects that have the Alliance "seal of approval"
  • Members can use "GDLa" as a title similar to the AIA title for Architects.
  • Links to members web sites from >  Links
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