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Q:  How many GDL Objects are there in the world today?

A:  Approximately 50,000 and growing

Q: How many members does The GDL Alliance have?

A: 173 and growing.

Q: Do I need to know GDL to join The GDL Alliance?

A: No, you just need to be interested in learning about GDL. We welcome beginners to experts.

Q: How old is the GDL Alliance?

A: We are just starting and will be forming by-laws, and electing officers in 2001. We welcome input and participation from all.

Q: How is The GDL Alliance funded?

A: It is entirely self funded through member participation and volunteer time. We are starting to get some seed funding from sponsors. Our goal is to increase funding and be able to expand benefits to members.

Q: How many countries are represented in The GDL Alliance?

A: 37

Q: What type of an organization is The GDL Alliance?

A: It is a grass roots, not for profit organization. We will be applying for a "non-profit" status. The goals are to expand the culture of GDL worldwide and support our members.

Q: What type of events are planned by the GDL Alliance?

A: A yearly conference, and training events. Ongoing meetings throughout the year.

Q: Is the GDL Alliance associated with Graphisoft?

A: Although we have strong ties to Graphisoft through the connections of many of our members, The GDL Alliance is not associated in any way to Graphisoft. The reason for this is to keep The Goals of the Alliance autonomous. We intend to promote GDL and this in turn will benefit Graphisoft. The executive team of The GDL Alliance has been in close contact with Graphisoft both in Budapest and worldwide and has received support from Graphisoft, including a challenge grant of $5000 seed funding to start up The Alliance.

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