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This sample letter to manufacturers was created by Chris Stringer and posted on ArchiCAD Talk and is a good one to start with.

It was slightly edited by David Nicholson-Cole and Thomas Dalbert

You can copy and paste the following text
you can download it for
Windows (.zip-file) or Macintosh (.sit-file).

Dear ****************

I am writing to ask if you are aware of Graphisoft's parametric GDL technology, and what it can do with library parts, such as the ones you are currently offering for AutoCAD and Microstation? GDL is the native file format of library parts used in ArchiCAD and ArchiFM. Are there any plans to implement the ********* library into GDL? If not, you should seriously look into it, because it is amazing! This is technology you must see to believe. GDL is by far the most flexible and advanced system of objects. Here are some important points about GDL to consider:

Integrated 2D/3D: Each part has a script for viewing the object in both plan and 3D. Scripts are compact, efficient, and intelligent. Link:

Fully parametric: A single part can contain the variables for an entire product line, or infinite variations (size, colors, materials, shape, cost, catalog number, configuration, number, pose, animation effects, etc. ad infinitum) on a specific model or product.

AutoCAD compatible: A new plug-in enables AutoCAD users to work with GDL library parts in their projects. Link:

Platform independent: Both Mac and Windows users can use these library parts. How much business are you missing out on by not offering Mac compatibility? GDL is the answer.

Automated publishing: GDL Object Publisher allows developers to quickly and easily publish GDL objects on the web. Link:

ArchiCAD not required to create GDL: Soon, ArchiCAD won't be needed in order to create GDL parts. A new web-based GDL tool will allow GDL parts to be created in your web browser, and will be ideally suited for the purpose of creating manufacturer's product catalogs as GDL parts. I saw a working demo this year at NAHB Atlanta, and it was fantastic! Link:

ArchiCAD not required to view GDL: GDL Object Explorer enables users to view GDL objects as well as non-parametric file formats such as DXF, DWG, DGN, and others. Link:

Free, web-based object viewer: With the free GDL plug-in, users can fully view (plan, elevation, shaded, photorendered, dynamic 3d views) and download objects directly from their web browser. Link:

Worldwide acceptance: Manufacturers all over the world are publishing their products as GDL library parts. Here are some links to some places where parts can be viewed and downloaded for free. (Most require GDL plug-in to be pre-installed, see above. Some require a name/password registration):

I hope you take the time to review this information, as it presents a fantastic opportunity to get your product line into the hands of many architects, designers, and facility managers. I don't get anything out of sharing this information with you, but I do feel it is important that you know about it. If you'd like to contact someone to inquire further about GDL and the possibility of getting ********** involved, I'd suggest Kimon Onuma, one of the founders of the GDL Alliance. Contact him through his website:

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