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Listed below are companies that have created GDL Catalogs. Some of them are distributing their GDL Catalogs along with a free GDL Adapter. We should support these companies by letting the world know about their catalogs.
There are many more companies out there that have decided to create GDL based object catalogs. We will be be updating this list on a regular basis. Please send us information about GDL catalogs that are available.

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R e f e r e n c e l i s t   o f   G D L   C a t a l o g s

New Additions ( 5/6/2001) :

Andersen Windows(USA)
Marvin Windows (USA)
Pella Windows (USA)

Velux: roof windows (Austria, Hungary, Czech, CH)
Baumax-x: building materials (Austria)
Raiffeisen Ware: building materials (Austria)
Villeroy & Boch: bathroom fixtures (Germany)
Four Seasons Solar Products Corp. (USA)
Befa: windows (Hungary)
Plastmo: plastic building components (Hungary)
Falco: office furniture (Sharf Group, Germany)
G.rsn.s: furniture manufacturer (Sweden)
RH Form: furniture manufacturer (Sweden)
Wilkhahn: office furniture (Germany)
Offecct: office furniture (Sweden)
Lammhults: office furniture (Sweden)
Vaveri: textiles (Sweden)
Horreds: office furniture (Sweden)
Materia: office furniture (Sweden)
Thulema: office furniture (Estonia)
Schindler: roof windows (Hungary)
Wiesner Hager: office furniture (Austria)
Novoferm: doors (Austria)
ngenti: exhibition displays (Germany)
Bramac: roof tiles/roof windows (Austria)
Skandiform: office furniture (Sweden)
Mobilia: office furniture (Czech Rep)
Rigips: Dry wall system (Hungary)
BTJ EuroBib: office furniture (Sweden)
Sedus: office furniture (Germany)
Internorm: windows (Austria)
Gleinstaettner: Rooftiles (Austria)
Prima Fenestra: roof windows (CZ)
Pergo: floor manufacturer (Sweden)
Horreds office furniture (Sweden)
Bla Station furniture (Sweden)
Westlings furniture (Sweden)
Garsnas Furniture (Sweden)
Pluggit GMBH Ventilation (Germany)
Uddebo Weaveri (Sweden)
Fagerhult lamps (Sweden)
Lindex interior stores equipment (Sweden)
Porsche Car showrooms (Germany)
Kinnarps office furntiture (Sweden)
Louis Paulsson lamps (Denmark)
HTH Kitchen (Denmark)
Coldator Coolingdevices for stores (Sweden)
Traryd Windows (Sweden)
Swedoor Doors (Sweden)
Tom tiits tent roofs (Sweden)
Dinsko Interior furnishing for stores (Sweden)
Lars Wester Interior furnishing for stores (Sweden)
Volvo car Interior furnishing for stores (Sweden)
H?ells Interior for transport vehicles (Sweden)
Rinngards Exhibition equipment. (Sweden)

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