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In addition to our Founding Members who have pledged monetary contributions to The GDL Alliance the following individuals and companies have contributed their time and resources in the start up of this organization as Pioneers.

GDL Alliance Pioneers:


David Nicholson-Cole

  • The "GDL Evangelist"
  • Involved with the formation of The GDL Alliance from the beginning.
  • Inspiration to us all with his GDL Cookbook and constant evangelizing about the virtues of GDL and structured programming.
  • Author of the 'Object Making with ArchiCAD', the new beginners guide to GDL.
  • Input and comments on many of the documentation and the Web site
  • Traveled to Tokyo to be a part of the GDL Forum where the GDL Alliance was announced.
  • Creator of GDL Talk and frequent participant giving advice and guidance to all the Archicad world and GDL developers

Kimon Onuma of Onuma/Webscape

  • President pro temp of The GDL Alliance
  • Involved with the formation of The GDL Alliance from the beginning.
  • Worked with John Stebbins in the drafting of the first news release.
  • Traveled to Budapest in May to promote GDL to Graphisoft.
  • Organizer of the first public announcement of The GDL Alliance at the GDL Forum in Tokyo in July 2000.
  • Promoted GDL in Japan.
  • Created a database of GDL AllIiance members and contributions.
  • Manages the email list to all members and charter members.
  • Created the business side of the GDL Alliance by registering the domain names, bank accounts etc.
Digital Vision

John Stebbins of Digital Vision

  • Director of Education for the GDL Alliance
  • Conceptualized the original vision of the GDL Alliance
  • Proposed the formation of The Alliance at a meeting he organized of GDL Visionaries in Irvine California, December 1999.
  • Persistent in getting everyone organized and involved in the vision
  • Actively pursued many of the current charter and founding members to join and contribute
  • Helped convince Graphisoft US to become a Platinum sponsor with their challenge grant.
  • Drafted many of the charter documents, news released and updates, for The GDL Alliance.
Visual Frontiers

Duane Valencia

  • Vice President of The GDL Alliance
  • Involved with the formation of The GDL Alliance from the beginning.
  • Involved with the drafting of The GDL Alliance charter
  • The moderator of GDL Talk.
  • Input and comments on much of the documentation and web site
  • Active participant in Archicad Talk giving advice to the worlds Archicad users.
Graphisoft Japan

Graphisoft - Japan
Nobuhiro Hara, Ayako Ito and the rest of the staff of Graphisoft Japan.

  • Sponsoring the GDL Forum in Tokyo on July 31, 2000 and allowing Kimon Onuma of The GDL Alliance, to make the first formal public announcement of the formation of The Alliance.
The Object Factory

The Object Factory

  • Original osts and creators of GDL Talk  which is linked to from The GDL Alliance web site.

Onuma & Associates Tokyo
Joseph Onuma

  • Translated the GDL Alliance material to Japanese both in print and on the web site.
  • Helped organize the GDL Forum and the announcement of The GDL Alliance in Japan.
  • Continuing support of The GDL Alliance in Japan.

Translators of World Pages:

 Ricardo Eloy

Ricardo Eloy

  • Translation of GDL Alliance Web Pages to Portuguese
Geoffroy Magnan

Geoffroy Magnan

  • Translation of GDL Alliance Web Pages to French
Karl-Heiny Pfefferer

Karl-Heinz Pfefferer

  • Translation of GDL Alliance Web Pages to German
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